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With a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Photography, I was working my way up the corporate ladder, and if you have ever tried being creative in a normal corporate setting, you know that is almost impossible…though I tried. Having to jump through hoops to get my ideas across, while making money for someone else, was no longer doing it for me. Besides, I have always been an entrepreneur. I started working in the family business in sales at the age of 6 and had my own photography business coming out of high school. So when I finally decided that the corporate grooming process was sucking away too much of my creative soul, I knew I had to get out.

My parents had a keen interest in antiques, so growing up, I was always surrounded by Canadiana pine, elaborately carved chairs and fine china. My interest then in antiques, was how to survive as a rambunctious child without breaking things! But as I grew older I started to appreciate the fact that our furniture had a past, our tables and chairs were unique, one of a kind really, and that if they could talk, wow the stories they would tell.

In 2012, I started AJ’s Antique Revival. I started to teach myself refinishing methods, set up a workshop space north of the city, began going to auctions, estate sales, and filled my weekend agenda with garage sales. I left my corporate job for a life of treasure hunting and jumped head first into repurposing vintage pieces, making tables from discarded industrial scrap and even restoring old radio chassis. Everything has been self-taught, and I am proud of the work I do. I hope to inspire other women to embrace the world of power tools and handcrafting.

My goal with AJ’s Antique Revival, is to create furniture, storage and lighting designs that will not only be unique and beautiful, but help make your space more functional as well. I love using reclaimed and salvaged materials, and restoring vintage and antique goods so that my pieces help to cut down on waste, while simultaneously ensuring their one of a kind status; pieces that are worthy enough to be passed down.


AJ Geensen

Working away at the shop!
Working away at the shop!

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  1. Thrilled to see that my family’s treasured steamer trunk has found it’s new home. (dropped off to you today 🙂 )

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